11 Broke Girl Secrets to Look Like A Rich Girl

11 Broke Girl Secrets to Look Like A Rich Girl
  • Wear clothes with clean stripes, polished with classic styles. If you want to look your best, avoid wearing dirty clothes. Look for tailored dresses, such as button-down shirts or nice pants. To look more feminine, try wearing tight-fitting dresses or skirts and a blouse or jersey. 

You could also spend a lot of money on old-fashioned clothing that will not go out of style immediately. 

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  • Wear black denim. You can look rich even when you dress casually by choosing the right jeans in black denim. Black genes are subtle and seemingly ineffective. They also tend to look better dressed than in light denim. 

It is advisable to invest in good jeans that fit you well. In addition, choose jeans that are flexible enough that they can be worn up or down at different times. 

10 Broke Girl Secret Items to Look Like A Rich Girl - YouTube
  • Mix the middle colors. Clothes usually look very expensive with neutral colors like camel, off-white, black, beige, and blush pink. Mix and match these neutral tones to create a luxurious look, no matter what you pay for the pieces. 
  • Invest in good shoes. You do not have to wear leather hats in class every day, but you will not look rich if you wear your old gym shoes. Buy good shoes to make your clothes look great. Look for stylish sneakers, boat shoes, or beautiful flats with a flexible neutral color. 

Make sure your shoes look good for as long as possible by keeping them clean. Do not wear your good shoes when you play sports or when you are going to get dirty and wipe off any dirt on them as soon as possible to avoid rot. 

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  • Dress for special occasions. Wear good clothes when you have to give a presentation at school or a special meeting. Choose a nice dress, a button-down shirt with a nice skirt or skirt, or a sports jacket with a khaki.
  • Carry a nice bag. Girls do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to have a good wallet. Look for a leather bag (or faux leather) with a variety of colors such as beige or black. Make sure it does not contain any logos, as this will reduce the appearance of the bag. Sewing and hardware (snaps, zippers, and rings) should look solid, as expensive bags are usually designed to last. 

If you choose a good bag, look for one that you can use every day. For example, choose color and flexibility, make sure it has everything you need, and check that you like the handle. 

Choose a backpack with neutral colors if you have to carry it. If you have to carry your books when you go to school with a backpack, look for one made of leather or canvas in a color like white, tan, black, or blue. A simple, neutral backpack will fit most of your luggage and make you look sophisticated. 

  • Choose refined accessories. Wealthy people tend to opt for simpler, more sophisticated items. Wear a good watch, a chain bracelet, or a necklace. Remember, there is very little when it comes to access. If you pile up everything you have, you will look like you are trying hard. 
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  • Follow the rule of one-third. With the third rule, you can fill your wardrobe with well-made, expensive clothes without spending more money than you normally would. Find out how much you usually spend on clothes. Then, the next time you go shopping, buy 1/3 often the pieces of clothing you usually buy but spend 3 times more on each piece. This way, you will have good clothes that will last a long time. 

Even if you only get to buy clothes for your birthday, following the third rule can help you build a rich wardrobe over time.

  • Get your clothes ready. Customizing your clothes is a little expensive, but it can make a big difference in the look of your garment. The tailor will be able to adjust your clothes to fit your body. They can unbutton your trousers to fit you to the perfect length or tie your shirts and jackets to fit your waist. 

Ask your parents or browse the Internet for a tailor, and visit them whenever you find a special piece that does not fit well.

  • Keep your hair clean. You do not have to spend a fortune to have beautiful hair. Wash your hair every 1-2 days, regularly cut by a professional, and apply a deep treatment once a month if your hair is dry. Choose light hair extensions, such as a belt or down to loose waves. 
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  • Get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. Teens need 8-10 hours of sleep every night. Getting enough sleep will make your skin look brighter and younger and will keep you from having dark circles under your eyes. Having good skin will help you look your best.