10 Lip Stains That Are Smudge-Proof and Will Last Until the End

10 Lip Stains That Are Smudge-Proof and Will Last Until the End

If the last two years have turned you off lipstick, you’re not alone. Even while I still adore my fave statement red lipsticks and pink lip glosses, I’m sick of the insides of my masks being a crime scene. What is the solution? Lip stains, or the happy medium between the vibrant pigmentation of lipsticks and the ease of use of a colored lip balm. “Think of lip stains as lipstick’s younger sister,” says celebrity makeup artist Manuel Espinoza. “The main difference is the endurance.” Lip stains can remain all day, fading evenly to a light shade by three p.m., unlike lipsticks, which tend to be wiped off or rubbed off by noon. As celebrity makeup artist Dani Kimiko Vincent says, “the pigments in lip stains attach to the skin, rather than laying on top of it like lipstick.” Because the top layer fades gradually and leaves a transitory stain on your lips, (excellent) lip stains normally do not require touch-ups. As I already stated, this is the ultimate joyful location. And, to assist you in finding your new stain, I spoke with experts to identify the best products that seem natural, last all day, and even leave your lips feeling a little moistened with ingredients like squalane and coconut oil. Choosing a lip stain color that you enjoy and that is easy to wear is just as crucial as choosing a lipstick color—especially because once it’s on, it’s on. This is where elements like your skin undertones and virtual try-on come into play to give you an idea of how it will look in real life. If you live in a very dry area, dry lips are unavoidable, and even a day without your nourishing lip balms may be unsettling. So look for hydrating components such as squalane, coconut oil, or jojoba oil.

Lip Stain in Vinyl Cream


If you usually apply gloss, we recommend giving this creamy, high-shine lip stain a closer look. It is supposed to last up to 10 hours and has a diamond-shaped applicator for expert-level precision.

Water Lip Stain 


With a water-based composition that lasts all day, this non-sticky lip stain combines the hydrating power of treatment with the pigmentation of lipstick. According to famous makeup artist Jamie Dorman, “it applies like water and settles into lips with a natural and long-wearing color.” “It looks great under a lip balm.”

Hydrating Lip Stain by Poutsicle


Fenty’s new lip stain is for those who believe that stains are too drying. It’s the gloss stain, lover’s with sheer-to-medium coverage, a moisturizing consistency, and a glittering sheen (that gradually dries into a long-lasting stain).

Lip Stain Marker That Is Practically Permanent


This pigmented, non-drying product does not bleed, and the marker-style package allows you to place it exactly where you want (besides, it’s fun).

Outburst Longwear Lip Stain by Bite Beauty


This coconut oil-infused lip stain will start as a deeply pigmented lip color and fade to a soft shade after a few hours, even if you eat and drink. Swipe on one or two layers to build the pigment for a stronger effect. Espinoza recommends starting with a layer of lip balm, then smudging the stain at the center of your lips and blurring towards the outer regions of your lips for a softer, diffused look.

ColourPop Sonic Blooms Glossy Lip Stain 


Want to test lip stains but don’t want to break the bank? Welcome to this effective, $8 lip tint that will outperform your drugstore lipstick. It applies as a thin layer of shine and fades with time, leaving a very pigmented color.

Bitten Lip Stain by Flower Beauty


Not every celebrity-owned beauty brand is worth the hype, but Drew Barrymore’s Flower Beauty lip stain is. The castor oil-infused product locks in hydration while leaving a subtle pigment behind.

Camila Coelho Elaluz Lip and Cheek Stain


This gel-like substance may appear to be your typical tinted lip gloss, but don’t be misled. Allow each application to sit for 30 seconds before applying a second layer for extra pigmentation to your cheeks or lips.

L’Absolu Lacquer by Lancôme


If the permanence of a lip stain is too much of a commitment for you, Vincent recommends a long-wear liquid lipstick, such as this one. You’ll receive greater staying power than a drugstore lipstick tube, but you can swivel and change colors whenever you want. And, unlike matte lipsticks, this one has a glossy sheen, so it won’t dry out your lips.

Yves Saint Laurent Lip Stain Water Stain


This gloss-to-stain pick is on Vincent’s list of lip stain recommendations. “It starts with a glossy splash of color, and then when it goes off, you’re left with the stain. It’s also highly customizable—one swipe of the applicator will give you a sheer shade, and one or two more will give you a darker tint. Additional layers will deepen the pigment (and help the stain last even longer).