10 Clothes Every Dark Men Should Have

Although styles change from time to time, the characteristics of a well-dressed man generally remain classic. Of course, not every man has those essential pieces in his closet. From a well-tailored suit to the perfect polo, your wardrobe just might need a few pieces to make it truly timeless. By investing in these essentials, you can ensure that you are well dressed and equipped for any occasion.

10 Clothes Every Dark Men Should Have –

Tailored suit in black or gray

Black Tailored Suit

All guys need at least one suit that fits their body perfectly. Modern suits are slimmer than those that were popular in the 80s or 90s, so a sloppy suit can suggest you’re woefully behind.

Why stick with black and grey? They are the two best colors to get the most mileage out of your suit. From work to a wedding and from a funeral to a formal date, a classic black or gray tailored suit can be worn in many ways. You can also get more mileage out of breaking out parts of the suit and wearing them on their own, such as colored button-up trousers for work.

White button-down shirt

White Button Down Shirt

Sometimes it is called an oxford, sometimes it is called a button fastening (the term fastening is reserved for fastening the collar with buttons). Whatever you call it, you should have one in white for everything from professional wear to church. Look for a bright, blue-white shirt (not yellow) for the most mileage, as it can work with almost any other color, including gray and navy. A white button-down should also be tailored, otherwise, it might look unkempt and overdone. Look for one that fits snugly around your neck, but not too tight, and allows you to move your arms, shoulders, and elbows without restriction. Once you pin the white button, you can start collecting some in other colors like blue.

Dark denim jeans

Dark Denim Jeans

While skinny jeans may be trendy right now, you can look stylish in straight dark denim for years to come. Dress them up with a sports coat or dress them up with a polo shirt or your favorite graphic tee on Saturday. If you are afraid of clothes, it doesn’t matter at all.

Cashmere sweater

Stunning Cashmere Sweater

If the thought of cashmere makes you think of your great-aunt Viola, think again—cashmere today is wonderfully affordable, accessible, and yes, even masculine.

The thing about a cashmere sweater: Not only is it super soft, classic, and warm for the colder months, it’s the perfect piece whether you’re heading home for the holidays, meeting your girlfriend’s parents for the first time or even casual wear. Friday around the office. Something versatile deserves a place in your wardrobe. Look for solid, classic colors like navy, dark red, cream, black and brown, and avoid patterns if you want your style to last. Always read the care instructions for your cashmere sweater before washing – depending on the blend, it may be a dry-clean-only item. If you buy cashmere mixed with another fabric, you may be able to wash it as usual and hang it to dry. Whatever you do, don’t make the mistake of tossing it in the dryer—otherwise, your five-year-old nephew might fit a lot better than you.

Blue jacket

Elegant Blue Blazer

Even if you already own a suit, a blue blazer can further expand your wardrobe, so it’s worth checking out. A classic navy blazer can be paired with lighter trousers for business casual wear, but can also be thrown over a graphic tee and worn with jeans for a concert. Since this is a jacket, your jacket may need to be tailored to properly fit your body type, so don’t forget to budget accordingly (around $25 for a fit). When choosing a jacket, make sure it fits the arms and shoulders and falls at least to the wrist bone, but no longer than the thumb.

Khakis or Chinos

Light Colored Khaki Pants

Every man should have light-colored trousers that are ideal for more casual affairs. Whether it’s a summer barbecue, a casual outdoor wedding, or a lunch meeting with a few friendly colleagues, khaki shades allow you to look polished without being as “dressed up” as you can feel in suit colors – but still less casual than a couple. jeans.

Khakis are a great bridge piece and go with almost anything, but make sure you buy them without pleats in the front. While pleated pants go in and out of style, flat-front pants can serve you much better and keep you slim and trim.


Classy Polo Shirt

Button-down shirts can be too formal, but your favorite t-shirt can also be too casual. Solution? Semi. It’s pretty much a combination of the two styles and is perfect for golf or casual events that require an extra dose of class. Choose polo shirts with subtle patterns that will expand your wardrobe, as your buttons are likely to be solid or striped. A subtle check or bold stripe lets you show off your style without going too far. Polo shirts look great with shorts in the summer, but they look just as good with dark jeans and a casual sweater in the winter. Layer them under a casual long-sleeve button-up or cardigan, or add a cargo jacket for a sporty look. Your polo shirt may turn out to be one of the more versatile items you own.

Adult watches

Grown Up Watch

We all loved our calculator watches in the 1980s, but if you’re still rocking a watch with a multiplier, it might be time to upgrade. Regardless of your job, every man should own at least one grown-up watch: one that has a clean face, a leather or metal strap, and looks great with more formal attire. Whether you choose gold, silver, or leather, a well-made watch will show your style, so choose wisely. Of course, you can keep the fun plastic watch, but reserve it for casual events and weekends rather than work.

A pair of Oxfords

Professional Oxfords Pair

A pair of professional oxfords will never fail you, especially for formal wear. Go for something in black or brown leather – they can look just as great with a suit as they do with khakis and a sports coat.

Loafers are a smart addition to your wardrobe, but they are also considered less formal than oxfords. If you work in an office with a business professional dress code, it is best to choose oxfords. If you have a bit more space, then polished neutral loafers are usually fine.

The Perfect White T-Shirt

Perfect White Shirt

A well-made white t-shirt can be a great companion to many of your outfits. Wear it with a leather jacket, dark jeans, and boots for a great moto vibe, or pair it with cargo shorts and boat shoes for a weekend by the lake.

Whether you buy white t-shirts in a pack of three or spend more money on a designer brand, remember that they only work if they are perfectly washed and stay white. If you tend to be strict about your clothes, it might be better to buy a cheaper pack of white t-shirts so you can throw out the ones that get stained or yellowed over time. A designer white shirt may offer a better fit, but you’ll pay a premium – and name brand.

Choose the neckline of the T-shirt according to the shape of your face. If your face is round and you want to elongate it, a V-neck tee is best. If you have a longer face, feel free to go with a crew neck style.