10 Best eyeliner color for blue gray eyes

Eyeliner is by far the best makeup product as it alleviates any makeup look gracefully. Also one can play with eyeliner to create different patterns that too with colored eyeliners. If you are someone who just loves applying eyeliner and has blue gray eyes we got something for you. We have enlisted the best-suited eyeliners for ladies with blue gray eyes not just in appearance but also in application. As we know, applying is more of an art and creativity. Hence, you need a smooth applicator and also the formula of the liner is supposed to be smooth enough. In this blog, you can find all goods in a one-liner and finally choose any as per your preference or all of them.

10 Best eyeliner colors for blue gray eyes:-

Lakme Insta Eye Liner, Black, Water Resistant, Long-Lasting, 9 ml

Lakme Insta Eye Liner

Black eyeliner is a must for every girl. It doesn’t matter what the color of your eyes is as it goes with every outfit. Especially with formals, colorful liners don’t go well so black liner comes in handy on such occasions. When we talk about Lakme Insta Liner it aces the liner game. It is not just really smooth to apply but its texture is ideal. The best part of this liner is the price just for Rs. 100 you get enough quantity i.e. 40gms. It dries instantly and gives you a deep intense color. For a traveler or office-going ladies as it is easy to carry.

Lakme Insta Liquid Eye Liner, Blue, Long Lasting Waterproof Liner with Brush for Even Strokes – Smudge Proof Eye Makeup, Does Not Fade, 9 ml

Lakme Insta Liquid Eye Liner

Blueliner is too vibrant and bright and gives you a very feminine look. For blue-gray eyes, it suits perfectly. The Lakmé insta liner is a light, soft eye makeup that gives you great definition. Because the liner is liquid, it may take some time to dry, but it gives users a nice finish. Novice likely finds this product simple to use because it dries out quickly. They can sketch it and reapply the smooth liquid as needed until they are satisfied with the result. When this eyeliner dries, it stays in for the entire day without smudging or smearing. This product’s water-resistant composition ensures that it lasts a long period.

WUNDER2 Super-stay Liner Long-Lasting & Waterproof Colored Eyeliner, Metallic Turquoise, 1.2 Gram

WUNDER2 Super-stay Liner Long-Lasting

The highly pigmented, easy-glide pencil eyeliners are ideal for achieving a complete lash line or a fun, colorful look that lasts at least all day. SUPER-STAY LINERS have waterproof finishes: ‘Essential,’ ‘Metallic,’ and ‘Glitter,’ and may be used to accent any make-up look based on your desire. This 24-hour wear SUPER-STAY LINERS ensures that your appearance will stay set and photograph flawlessly from dawn till dusk with only one use! Place the eyeliner tip as near as possible to your upper eyelid. According to the look you want, work the product into the lashes or use short strokes. More compression will result in a broader line.

Ronzille Sparkling Glitter Liquid Eyeliner Eye Party Cosplay Wedding Makeup Eye Liner Tools – Rose Gold

Ronzille Sparkling Glitter Liquid Eyeliner

High-shine glitter eyeliners in the most flattering shades are a must-have. Allow it to save you the time of applying eyeshadow. For a stunning eye appearance, layer this one-of-a-kind shimmer eyeliner on the upper edge of your standard eyeliner. Grab it and you’ll be well on your way to party-ready makeup in no time.

Swiss Beauty Metallic Eyeliner, Eye MakeUp, 3.2ml (Shade-03, Shade-03)

Swiss Beauty Metallic Eyeliner, Eye MakeUp

Metallic powder blue liquid eyeliner that is easy to apply and dries quickly

This liner glides with accuracy thanks to the very slim and unique brush tip. It has a long-lasting composition that is waterproof, smudge-proof, and sweat-proof.  Grab it and you’re good to go for party-ready makeup with a single stroke!! Water Resilient and Smudge Worthy, Extra Soft and Supple, Metallic Look and Glossy.

Nyx Professional Makeup Retractable Eye Liner, White, 0.34g

Nyx Professional Makeup Retractable Eye Liner

Twist this creamy liner, famous for its long-lasting strength, combines rich tinting and accurate application in a twist-up tube that never requires refining. All across your lids, brush HD Eyeshadow Base. Use your Ultimate Shadow Palette to apply eyeshadows. For the creases of the eye, pick a good dark shade, a softer tone for the lid, and an enhancing tint for the inner corners and eyebrow bone. For a winged appearance, apply Retractable Eyeliner in Blacks to upper eyelids along the lash line, extending past the outer corners.

Hr Metallic Glitter Shining Shimmer Eyeliner Waterproof Gold Blue Green Pink (Silver)

Eyeliner Waterproof Gold Blue Green Pink

Sparkling classic shine looks waterproof glittering eyeliners in the most flattering shades are a must-have. Allow me to save you the time of applying eyeshadow. For a sparkling eye look, layer this one-of-a-kind shimmer eyeliner over your standard black eyeliner. Grab it and you’re good to go for party-ready makeup with a single stroke!!

Digital Shoppy Makeup Silver Rose Gold Color Liquid Glitter Eyeliner New Shiny Eye Liners for Women Eye Pigment (04)

Silver Rose Gold Color Liquid Glitter Eyeliner

100% brand new formula and of excellent quality. Women’s Makeup Pigment Waterproofing Liquid Glitter Eyeliner. For a beautiful, long-lasting look, it easily adheres to the eye area. Make your eyes as beautiful as you want them to be. Individual makeup for leisure and party occasions, professional event makeup, and much more.

L’Oreal Paris Matte Signature Liner, 06 Brown, 2.5ml

L'Oreal Paris Matte Signature Liner

With super-intense color and simple application, the L’oreal Paris matte trademark liner creates effortless striking looks. – super-rich color, super-simple application – Use a bold brown color to make an uncomplicated statement. – Textured grip provides control and ensures a successful application. – Liner felt tip that is ultra-precise all set for the night. Sharper, chicer eyes with a hyper-precise line. For a highly defined dramatic eye look, use a really rich, carbon-enhanced black with lines that shimmer.

Professional Line Art Diamond Shiny Shimmery Red Eyeliner

Shimmery Red Eyeliner

This super-easy-to-use Dynamic Pen Liner is a savior for all those women and teenagers who’ve always wanted to wear eyeliner but avoided it because they found it very hard to apply, this super-easy-to-applied Dynamic Pen Liner is a savior and has an ultra long-stay attribute of 24 hours. In a strong tone, this liner lines the curves of your eyelids. For Eyes That Are Sharp and Defined With water-resistant, smudge-free kajal, this liner creates a precise, fine line in one stroke, defining your eyes and giving them a crisp and bold look.